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World Masters Games: The Games For Everyone

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Ever heard of the ‘World Masters Games’? I hadn’t either, until we received an email from Paul down in Australia (yes, Australia). Apparently the first World Masters Games was held in Toronto. So, what are the World Master Games? It’s for those ‘a bit older’ (‘To compete at the Sydney 2009 World Masters Games people need only satisfy their sport’s minimum age criterion, which is as low as 25 for diving and swimming and does not rise above 35 for any of the 28 sports.‘) And, you’ve got to be some sort of amazing athlete right? Not quite: ‘Anyone who meets the minimum age criterion for their sport can compete in the Sydney 2009 World Masters Games. Many sports competitions will be graded so as to provide competitors with the choice of participating seriously or socially.‘. Like the Olympics, it’s held every four years. In fact, many retired Olympic and professional athletes participate in the World Masters Games. So, sportaholiks, this could be something of interest to all of you. Paul put together these great videos from the Sydney 2009 World Masters Games. Enjoy:

Pumped? Check out the International Masters Games Association Web site and the Sydney 2009 World Masters Games Web site for more information.