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CFL Crazy and Wild Finish – Montreal Alouettes versus the Toronto Argonauts

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

A hilarious and strange ending to a CFL game that looks to be making the rounds on the Internet. The CFL game in question was held on October 29, 2010 with the Montreal Alouettes versus the Toronto Argonauts. (more…)

CFL Online Streaming for Canada Day

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

CFL football has arrived! The Canada Day season opener bashes feature the Montreal Alouettes versus Saskatchewan Roughriders and then later the Toronto Argonauts taking on the Calgary Stampeders. (more…)

Toronto Argonauts Games: How To Improve the Fan Experience

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

The Toronto Argonauts were soliciting feedback from Argonaut fans after this dismal 2009 season. I decided to fill out the survey as I’m a big fan (despite their awful record). What does an Argonauts fan sitting in the same end zone seats for four years think? Here are some ideas. These are more than I could write in the survey as they limited their ‘additional comments’ field to 350 measly characters – yowch, do you want feedback, or not?

Bring Back the End Zone Seats

This past season the Argos got the big idea to replace the end zone seats (regular ‘Skydome’ seats) with benches-sorta. Bottom line is there’s no seat backing and they’re really not comfortable at all. The ‘official’ word was it was to build camaraderie among the end zone patrons. Great goal, but wrong approach. These ‘seats/benches/whatever’ are horribly uncomfortable.

Lets Fans Keep the Footballs

A regular occurrence at Argonaut games is when a football misses the mesh on a field goal some lucky fan gets a free ball. Not so fast. They’ll be surrounded by Rogers Centre staff in no time – and asked to give up the ball. The usher I spoke with says it’s a ‘safety issue’ — ummm, ok. It seems they may give you a ‘souvenir’ football in replacement – which, of course, if not an official ball. I’m not sure if this is the Argos policy, Rogers Centre policy, or that of the CFL. Whatever it is, it stinks. The CFL (and especially the Argos) need every fan they can get. You destroy the fan experience when you start confiscating footballs. How about this scenario: The ball is caught by a young fan attending his first Argonauts game. He’s elated, and brings it to school, telling all his friends what happened. Right away, the Argos are shown in positive light from the best source possible — word-of-mouth. This young fan’s friends take interest in the game and then bug their parents to take them to the next Argos game. If they’re hooked, you may have an Argonauts fan for life. The alternative is that this impressionable young fan is bugged by multiple Rogers Centre ushers/security folks to cough up his newly won ball. What’s his story at school now? I can tell you it won’t be positive. So much for getting new Argos fans on that playground. I’m still not sure of the real reason why the Argos take the balls or if the ‘safety’ reason described to me is legitimate. I can see how they may want to deter people from running/pushing/whatever for the ball when it enters the crowd, but how does taking the ball away after-the-fact help that cause? Or, if it’s because the football becomes a ‘projectile’ after-the-fact then they should be sweeping everyone for everything they bring in. I can tell you the cowbells of the front row of Section 122 (and 123) can do a lot more damage than that football. Oh, and don’t even think about taking them.

Bring Back the Argonauts Fight Song

We (myself and my fellow Section 122ers) were elated when the Argonauts brought back the Fight Song a year or two ago. What a great way to connect with the past (so much history with this club, why not reach back for some of that!). Also, it’s simply a great tune that had the fans of the end zone and beyond standing and chanting/singing/whatever upon an Argonauts touch down. The Argonotes (including Taylor!) got in the act as well (sidenote: more Argonotes – they’re great!). So, what happened in the 2009 season? Sure the team scored less, but even when they did the Fight Song was not to be played (from what I recall) – or, if it did, it got cut off by some awful promo-bit. Really? Kill the fight song so we can plug Barrie Nissan – or whoever? (side note: ‘dependability, trustworthiness,…’ I forget the rest. Help me out Kent Austin!). So, umm, yeah, bring back the song! Put the lyrics back on the big screen so all can join in. Have the Argonotes play their hearts out. Good times. Hopefully there will be more touch downs, too.

Crowd ‘Promo’ Noise During Defensive – Not Offensive

This one is not my idea, but it’s genius. Hat tip to the Section 122 crowd noise leader, and ‘Renew-Your-Tickets’-poster-boy, Jube. For whatever reason (oh, free stuff!), Argos crowds make noise (and lots of it) for the lame promo giveaways. You know, T-Shirts that say ‘Show us your Parts’ (ok! – enjoy kiddies), and the like. So, coordinate these giveaways for when the defense is on the field and wants fan noise – not when the offense is on the field and want quiet. So simple.

Toronto Argonauts organization, if you’re listening, leave us a little comment below with your thoughts. Thanks-much! I’ll see you next season, hopefully in seats that don’t hurt my…