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200 Active Toronto Sports Players

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Yep, we’re now officially at 200 active Toronto player profiles on Toronto! This means 200 Toronto players that have sports and levels of play filled out on their profiles. Two-hundred players that you can contact to join your game or team for recreational sports. The Toronto database now includes over 80 Toronto soccer players, nearly 40 Toronto hockey players, nearly 40 Toronto basketball players… with more on the way, of course. Apparently, water polo is not too popular, though. So, we’re off to a good start here with Toronto, with other cities across Canada slowly being rolled out as well. Thanks for joining us!

Toronto Soccer Players Found… on!

Monday, February 4th, 2008

About a month ago I had half my soccer team fall apart – players moving out of town, busy with work or just couldn’t stomach our horrible losing record anymore. Whatever the case was we needed to rebuild our soccer team. This is the exact scenario that helped lead to the creation of So, I ventured into the Toronto player database and contacted some of the soccer players listed. Between that and a game posting, within a few days I had filled the holes in our squad (4 players to be exact) and the rest is history. Oh, and our team, the Wooden Spoons, have been making a comeback in the standings ever since! There you have it: at least one proven success story for So, when you need a player or two (or four!?) for your Toronto team, whether for one night or a season, try Like what we’re doing? Why not tell a friend or join us on Facebook!