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200 Active Toronto Sports Players

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Yep, we’re now officially at 200 active Toronto player profiles on Toronto! This means 200 Toronto players that have sports and levels of play filled out on their profiles. Two-hundred players that you can contact to join your game or team for recreational sports. The Toronto database now includes over 80 Toronto soccer players, nearly 40 Toronto hockey players, nearly 40 Toronto basketball players… with more on the way, of course. Apparently, water polo is not too popular, though. So, we’re off to a good start here with Toronto, with other cities across Canada slowly being rolled out as well. Thanks for joining us!

Team Names for your Rec Hockey Team

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Two things every rec hockey team needs is 1) a jersey colour, and 2) a team name. Whether you’re playing ice hockey, floor hockey or any other type of hockey, these are essential. Many teams go the humour route when choosing their team names. Some come up with things that are, for sure, inside jokes (my ball hockey team years ago was the ‘Tuna Melts’, because my roommate at the time seemed to eat them every second day for dinner). Another ball hockey team of mine has gone under the ‘HomeWreckers’ banner since inception years ago (it’s a reference to one of the bowling teams on The Simpsons; other teams in that episode being Pin Pals, Channel 6 Wastelanders, DMV Regulation Kings, Springfield Police Framers, Holy Rollers, and The Stereotypes). Some teams we face in the TCSSC have names that I’m surprised make it past the censors (if there are any) but I must say I enjoy a creative (and clean) team name. Over at they have a user generated list of hockey team names. Some of my favourites being the following:

  • All Aboard the Cheechoo Train
  • Honey Nut Chelios
  • Crosby, Staals, and Nash
  • Vanek Depressive
  • Hejdukes, He Scores!
  • Vanek at the Disco
  • No Jokinen ‘Round

What is the name of your hockey team? Feel free to comment below.

Stephane Dion’s Ball Hockey Skills Could Use Some Work

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Via Stephen Taylor, Stephane Dion shows off his, ummm, ball hockey skills below in this classic YouTube capture. We’re not taking political sides here at, but you must admit Dion could use a bit of help with his game. It’s not exactly the best image you want to portray when you’re running for Prime Minister. I counted 12 shots, 0 goals. Anyone know where he can find some buddies to practice with? I wonder if Stephane Dion’s display of ball hockey prowess will make it into Stephen Harper’s upcoming hockey book?

Children Sports Participation on the Decline

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 connects recreational sport playing adults, however it’s always interesting to see what is going on with Canadian kids and their participation in organized sports.

Canadian children are getting lazier, as participation in organized sports declined significantly among the elementary-school-aged set over a 13-year period, suggests a Statistics Canada study.

New data suggests that only 47% of children in Toronto and Vancouver are sport participants. Also, those of higher income families were more likely to be playing organized sports than those of lower incomes. The top three sports across Canada, for children between 5 and 14 years of age, were soccer, swimming and hockey. More at

Toronto Dodgeball: Evasion vs. Ninjas

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

I saw this well put together Toronto dodgeball video in my RSS feed reader today. It nicely captures the fun of playing co-ed dodgeball. ‘Scared but confident’ is uttered by a member one team, followed by the dawning of the shades (not sure if that’s recommend Dodgeball gear or not – my guess would be not). Follow the high-paced action of dodgeball taking place in a Toronto gym. Apparently a no-show teammate was ‘scared’ not ‘sick’. This is one excuse for the teams defeat, apparently. One solution could have been to scoop up a Toronto dodgeball sub from

Look like fun? We’ve got a list of Toronto dodgeball leagues that may be worth checking out. There are some interesting reviews for you to help you make your decision. Maybe you want to play right away, and not wait for leagues to start up again. Posting a player profile is a good place to start. Enjoy!

Top 5 Sneaker Shops in Toronto

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Sneaker Wall

BlogTo has been running their series of “best lists in Toronto” for some time now including previously posted Top 10 Fitness Clubs in Toronto. Their list of the 5 Best Sneaker Shops in Toronto should help get the right footwear for whatever sport you play.

Learn more about finding the right kind of athletic shoe as something as simple as proper footwear can make all the difference in performance and injury prevention.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, time to get outside and be active.  You can find games, players and leagues at

Toronto Jogging Trail – From Yonge and Bloor

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

The other day was fantastic weather here in Toronto so I took the opportunity to take a jog along a route that I have enjoy. If you live around Yonge and Bloor in downtown Toronto, this may be for you. It provides a good mix of everything: Jog through forests, under viaducts, up an down stairs, through parks, over highways, and along city streets.

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I start off at Bloor and Jarvis and head down to Rosedale Valley Road via a set of stairs on the north-west(ish) corner of Bloor Street East and Mount Pleasant Road. At the bottom of those steps (Rosedale Valley Road) there is a nice wide paved path that is separate from the road. Head east along Rosedale Valley Road under the bridges for Mount Pleasant, Sherbourne and Bloor until you almost reach Rosedale Valley Road and the Bayview extension. From there head up a set of steps into Wellesley Park (on your right side). Follow the path in Wellesley Park until you meet up with Amelia Street. Where that meets Sumach Street head south towards Riverdale Park West (enter at the corner of Sumach and Winchester) and run through the park (you’ll no doubt be weaving in and out of families with kids). At the end of that path head down the set of stairs and continue following the paved path, then going across the bridge that spans Bayview and the DVP. Descending from the bridge follow the path up to Broadview Avenue and take a break on a park bench – watching the streetcars go by. After your break, head back the way you came, over the bridge, up the stairs, through the park, until you reach Winchester street again (Winchester and Sumach). Head West on Winchester, across Parliament and around the loop (Winchester becomes Ontario Street) until you reach Carlton Street. Jog west again, along Carlton, until you hit Jarvis. At Jarvis head north (the sidewalk is relatively wide in some places) until you reach Bloor. This Toronto jogging route takes approximately 1 hour complete (that includes a short rest up at Broadview). Enjoy!