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Skating at Sherbourne Common

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

I walked down to Sherbourne Common yesterday to go skating on the rink there (it’s a splash pad type thing during the summer). I was surprised by the size — it was bigger than I thought it would be. If there aren’t that many people there, you have more than enough room to do your thing. You also have the skyline in the background which is kind of nice. There are benches set up outside to allow you to comfortably put on your skates and washrooms as well (although, I admit, I don’t know if they were open). (more…)

Book Toronto Ice, Fields, Courts Online

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Stephen Gray, founder of Book it Sports, got in touch with us recently. He’s developed an online service whereby recreational sports players can book venue rentals online — fields, ice, courts, etc.

Toronto Ice Time: Fees Increase; Schedule Changes

Monday, November 28th, 2011

This just in, from the Rob Ford administration: Cuts to Toronto recreational programs, specifically Ice Hockey rinks in Toronto [Source: Tweets from Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star] (more…)

Toronto Ice Rinks To Be Refurbished Courtesy of the Leafs

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Good news sportaholiks! Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment (the folks who own the Leafs, Raptors, and FC) have donated $2.3 million dollars over the next few years to uprade Toronto indoor and outdoor ice rinks. So, curse them all you want when they gouge you for watching a sub par product (the Leafs… actually, throw the Raptors and FC in there too!) but it’s nice to see them contributing some of their money making machine towards recreational hockey players. Don’t forget, we’ve got a nice map of Toronto shinny rinks for when winter returns.

Toronto Skating Rinks Map now on

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Yes, we’re well past the mid of the Toronto winter (most would say that’s a good thing!), but we’re launching our Toronto skating rinks map regardless. There’s still time to get your skates on and enjoy the outdoors. There are more Toronto skating rinks than you see there in the default view of the map. If you don’t live in the core of the city simply zoom out our drag the map to another area that is off the map (for example, north Etobicoke or north Scarborough). The yellow pins refer to rinks that offer skate rentals (at the moment this is just Nathan Phillips Square and Natrel Rink at Harbourfront). My personal favourite, between those two, is Harbourfront. It seems less crowded usually. Of course there’s always something special about skating at Nathan Phillips Square, especially when the Square is decorated in Christmas colours! I’ve skated at a few others as well: Ryerson’s pond (Lake Devo), right on the Ryerson University campus, offers a unique experience as you skate amongst hunks of rock that protrude from the lake. That rink is also a minute or so walk from Dundas Station, so it’s easy to get to. You could even follow up some skating with a nice meal from the nearby restaurants, or grab a pint at the area pubs. Late at night when the lights go down, you’ll see Ryerson’s rink it turn into a shinny game featuring people of all ages – usually those living nearby, including the Ryerson students in Residence. A bit further up Yonge (Yonge and College/Gerrard) is another small pond (Barbara Ann Scott) that seems to be rarely used, at least any time I’ve walked by. This is likely a good alternative for some quiet, reflecting skating without the worry of running into people. Of course, they’ve built a zillion condos around there lately so that may have changed for this winter. Along with the Toronto Skating Rinks map, we also mapped the rinks that allow for shinny at certain times of the day. Check out the Toronto Shinny Rinks map for a shinny game near you. Years ago I used to play at Campbell Park (Landsdowne & Dupont) which always had a good game on shinny on Sunday mornings. Check for current shinny times. Enjoy!

Toronto Shinny Rinks Map now on

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Attention all Toronto shinny hockey players: We’ve put together a Google map of Toronto shinny rinks for you to easily find shinny rinks near you. From Etobicoke to Scarborough, Lake Ontario up to Steeles, we’ve taken a list of City of Toronto rinks that offer shinny and placed them on an easy to use map. Note that most of these rinks have special times that shinny is played (as they are shared with pleasure skating times). Also, many of the time slots are for certain ages, gender, or skill levels. We thought about including all of this data, but decided to link instead to a resource that has it, ensuring accurate information going forward. Find a rink that’s near you and then click through on the link to the City of Toronto Parks site that provides you with schedules for each rink. If you are looking for more detailed information about the rinks themselves, try, which has a crazy (crazy good!) amount of information about each rink. Enjoy!

More Ice Time for Torontonians?

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

According to SpacingToronto,

City Council is set to review a report written by the City of Toronto’s Community Development and Recreation Committee which proposes that 14 rinks around the city remain open, weather permitting,  until March 15, 2009.

… which is two weeks more than normal. Stay tuned.