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Sports Injuries, treatment and abdominal bracing for back pain relief

Friday, September 24th, 2010

I recently hurt my back pretty seriously playing Basketball about 2 months ago. I’ve always had a bad back from as long as I can remember. It was from my high school days of playing football and rugby. (more…)

The Toronto Raptors are number one on Reddit

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Looks like the Toronto Raptors made it to the top of the popular social news site today with this YouTube clip. It’s a short video of the Raptor mascot devouring one of the cheerleaders. I guess anything really can go viral.

Rematch 15 Years Later

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

I am sure there are athletic moments in high school we wished we could relive or replay again. For me, I can still vividly remember my chance to win the basketball game with a last second 3 point shot for my high school junior basketball team that I was playing on. I can just about remember every detail including catching the in bound pass, getting a chance to look up at the clock before dribbling down the court. There was only one defender on me as I maneuvered to get a clear 3 point shot. The basketball bounced in and out of the rim! Game over, we lose. I would love to get another chance.

Apparently this has happened for two 1993 high school football teams:

For the players of the 1993 Phillipsburg High vs. Easton Area High football game, that second chance came four months ago, when Gatorade (the sports drink company) offered to sponsor a rematch between the two teams –two teams that played a brutal Thanksgiving Day game that ended in a 7 to 7 tie-fifteen years ago.

About 30 players from each team, now in their mid-30s, agreed to return to the schools to workout and practice for eight weeks in preparation for the full-contact game. Many of the players lost more than 30 pounds, including Phillipsburg’s Bruce Lebitz, who lost 60.

I am sure all you weekend warriors and former high school athletes would love a chance to relive your glory days because we all have a little bit of “Al Bundy” in us. What’s your greatest sports moment?