Grey Cup 2015: Here’s How to Watch Online for Free

Your 2015 Grey Cup between the Ottawa REDBLACKS and Edmonton Eskimos takes places Sunday November 29th. Being a cord-cutter, you’re likely trying to find a way to watch the game online.

Normally I wouldn’t promote how to ‘game the system’ but I feel the Grey Cup should be shown on an ‘over-the-air’ network, instead of on TSN. They do a great job with the broadcast, but how about having just the Grey Cup shown on CTV so more people can watch? That isn’t happening, so we’re left with the following options for watching the 2015 Grey Cup online.

» Watch TSN Online

Watch at and log in with TV subscriber credentials (i.e. your Bell TV, Rogers TV, Telus TV, etc. account information) — so, if you have access to someone else’s credentials (friend, relative, etc.), you’re good to go.

» Stream on YouTube

Watch on YouTube but if in Canada or the US you’ll need to figure out a way to appear to be in another country (it’s for mostly non-Canada and non-US viewers). Some help on ‘figuring that out’ can be found on this Reddit thread .

» Watch Online on Kinda Shady Sites

There a bunch of sites that stream sports online for free. I believe they’re fairly safe as long as you don’t download/install anything. There may be ads and such that instruct you to download something — don’t do that, and you’re likely ok. I usually hit these up on my laptop that I don’t use for much else. So, you’ll get a feed of the Grey Cup no doubt, but the quality will be ‘computer-size’ quality. I doubt you’ll want to blow this up on your big screen. That and you’ll have to wade yourself through a bunch of ads and pop up tabs before you can view the stream. So what are said free streaming sites? The following will take you to Google searches for them (yes, sometimes their web addresses change):

How ever you watch, and from wherever you watch, I hope you enjoy the Canadian tradition of the Grey Cup!

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