Here’s How to Watch the Blue Jays Online for Free

Your Toronto Blue Jays are in the playoffs! If you don’t subscribe to a TV package that includes Sportsnet or Fox Sports 1 then you’ll have to look elsewhere for an online stream of Blue Jays playoff games. Where can a cord-cutter watch the baseball playoffs, other than at their local bar (yes, probably every bar in Toronto)? We’ve put together a list of sites that stream the Jays games online.

The online streams listed below should be watched with a bit of caution. Don’t download anything (despite what the overlay ads state). Simply close off the ads and extra windows that will open (yes, it will take some persistence), and then you have a feed whereby you can watch the Blue Jays game live, online.

The following sites have been verified as providing free online streams of all Blue Blue Jays playoff games. We provide links to Google searches for them, as sometimes their web addresses change. Find a problem? Feel free to comment below.

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