Toronto Sports League Adds Player Sub System

Brand new this past week, Toronto recreational sports league TSSC launched their new internal system to help their sports players get subs for their games.

Found under the “Find a Game” tab (hey, wait a second – I know another “Find a Game”), captains and co-captains can post that they need subs for upcoming games. More specifically, “Captains and Co-Captains can post a sub request on the Game Date page of their schedules.” Players can browse the sub opportunities available under the previously-mentioned “Find a Game” tab, once logged in.

TSSC Games Needing Subs

Even better, players can be notified by email when a sub opportunity is posted that matches their set criteria.

TSSC Games Needing Subs Alert

Those playing in TSSC are to have agreed to the waiver (they do so upon joining and playing each year), so by having an internal sub system (i.e. you need a TSSC account) every player can freely sub as they’ve already agreed to the league policies and terms ahead of time.

I’m not 100% on this, but I believe you could technically create a free account with TSSC and simply get in on the sub games without ever having to pay. Worth a shot. That said, I do recommend the league, if you have the funds available.

What do you think? Here’s what a couple of TSSC members think:

Of course, if you’re not getting subs you need from your TSSC post, definitely search the player database and/or post that you need players!

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