Extreme Fitness at Cedarbrae Mall Reviews Itself

You’re looking for reviews of Extreme Fitness at Cedarbrae Mall in Toronto (Lawrence & Markham Road) and thus you stumble upon the listing and reviews provided at Gym Toronto. You read a few (they all happen to be negative) and then you read the last one that is posted by Bryan. Well, Bryan happens to disagree with the other posts:

“I am really amused to see these responses. Bunch of lies. I have been going to this location for now two years. They are the most professional gym I have come across. I have taken 36 Personal Training sessions have seen a significant difference. Their nutritional counselar, [******] is one of the most educated person I have come across. She knows her subject and is very scientific in her approach.

For sure this gym is not for everyone. If you are rude and have attitude, you can expect the same from them. No one take BS these days. I have been nice to them and I get similar receiprocation.”

So, if Bryan is Joe Member then that’s great — a positive review for Extreme Fitness at Cedarbrae Mall in Toronto (ok, despite the spelling and grammar). The folks at Gym Toronto obviously see that as a good contribution to help other gym goers decide on what gym to patronize.

Why all the talk about this then? Well, “Bryan” isn’t just Joe Member. He seems to work there in some capacity. First off, Bryan happens to post from an Extreme Fitness IP address. That address happens to resolve to mail.extremefitness.info. Hmmmm…

Now, if you were going to post a glowing review (as a true Joe Member) would you lash out with “bunch of lies”? I’m guessing you wouldn’t — You would simply post your side of the story. You’re just a member of the gym — no reason to call out other posters. Would you be so specific as “36 Personal Training sessions”? Maybe. Nice shout out for the Nutritional Counselor, too (Bryan seems to be a fan… but would an average member post such specifics? — I suppose it’s remotely possible). Back to the hate-on for the previous commenters: “If you are rude and have attitude, you can expect the same from them” — Bryan seems to be really defending the staff here.

That’s the info we have… You can decide for yourself what you think.

Get out and get fit, Toronto.

UPDATE: They’re at it again! This time it’s two posts by “Cynthia” — same IP.

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