Toronto Ice Time: Fees Increase; Schedule Changes

This just in, from the Rob Ford administration: Cuts to Toronto recreational programs, specifically Ice Hockey rinks in Toronto [Source: Tweets from Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star]:

Ice time crunch to worsen? “Closing 10 out of 22 stand-alone arenas during off-peak daytime hours (7am to 4pm from Monday to Friday).”

If you and your crew take part in hockey during ‘regular work hours’ (or just before) then your game may be out of luck.

Ice time fee increases: 5% for Community Youth groups, 10% for Competitive Youth groups and 15% for Junior groups. No increase for adults.

Adults don’t face a fee increase, but it seems other groups will. I’m guessing they were already paying less than the typical Adult rate.

Slated for 10% increase: Cardio/Kickboxing, Martial Arts lessons, Gymnastics, Yoga, other fitness, Learn-to-Skate classes.

Learn-to-Skate gets a 10% fee increase.

inflationary increase. Toronto’s recreation fees have long been much lower than fees in the 905.

Sooo, is Toronto just playing catch up on fees – as compared to the 905? It seems so. If so, I don’t think anyone can really complain too much.

Any comments on these cuts to ice times and fee increases?

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