Grey Cup 2011: Kick Off Time, Online Streaming, More Details

Hey Canada! Your 2011 CFL season is coming to a grand finale. Next week, Sunday November 27, is Grey Cup 2011 in Vancouver, BC (BC Place Stadium). Some details you’re looking for:

  • When is Kick Off / Start time?: 6:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT/Local/Vancouver
  • What teams are playing? The Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Eastern Conference champions) and the BC Lions (Western Conference champions)
  • Where can I watch the game? TSN (TSN HD, RDS) and free online streaming via
  • Who is playing at the half-time show? Canadian rockers Nickelback — sorry about that!
  • Which Grey Cup is this? The 99th Grey Cup — yep, it’s old!
  • What time does the pregame show start? 1pm ET (on TSN).

More 2011 Grey Cup information to be posted here shortly…

3 Responses to “Grey Cup 2011: Kick Off Time, Online Streaming, More Details”

  1. Geoff Says:

    Thanks for posting this info! I couldn’t find the kickoff time on the CFL website. Major sporting leagues never make the most basic info easily available on their websites. It’s one of the most annoying things. It’s sad to hear about Nickleback though, what a spoiled opportunity.

  2. Gary Jones Says:

    Incredible that Canada’s National Championship football game is not being broadcast on CTV or CBC. I have satellite and don’t get TSN. I went nuts this morning trying to find out where and when the game was being broadcast. I’ve been to a Grey Cup party just about every single year of my life. No wonder the CFL is in trouble gaining viewers! Who made the dumbest decision ever to only broadcast on TSN – a channel millions of Canadians don’t get?

    Thankfully the game is also on, so I get to sit and squint at my computer screen, which is better than nothing. Hopefully next year – the 100th celebration, will be on a national network. These big network execs just keep making dumber and dumber decisions. It’s no wonder why people are moving away in droves from “standard” TV.

  3. Dave in New Westminster. Says:

    What with everybody Slamming Nickleback?! I like Nickleback. ALLOT OF PEOPLE DO!! It’s not their fault THE MEDIA PLAYS THE CRAP OUT OF THEIR STUFF!! Thats Your end mates!!
    Elvis Presley even phoned a radio station to make a request TO PLAY SOMETHING ELSE BESIDES ELVIS when the station had decided to play ONLY ELVIS ALL DAY IN HONOR OF his show the next night.
    Nickleback I’m sure isnt thrilled about the over exposure either. Thank-God for your Car Stereo,……is Chad aloud to drive again yet?? HHHmmmmmm

    It happened to Journey,…. Foreigner,….. they get slammed ALL THE TIME! THESE GUYS WERE GREAT IN THE DAY And Commercial success now makes them a target?!?! You guys in the Media did it man! Getting somewhere in music is tough enough, (( dont ask me how I know that ))…. let them enjoy the ride you dorks. They dont need your bull.
    Anyway,……. cut them some slack cause in 10 years or less your going to be hearing it as elevator music to torture yourselves even a bit more.
    THAT INDEED Mite be painful..


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