Gretzky High Stick on Gilmour: Video Galore

Last night over pub food and beer (pre Argos game tradition) we some how got on the topic of the 1993 Western Conference (sorry, Campbell Conference) Stanley Cup final between the Leafs and Kings. Leaf fans, of course, remember this for the “non-call” by referee Kerry Fraser (the one with the ‘good’ hair) when Wayne Gretzky high sticks Doug Gilmour in the face in overtime of Game Six (Leafs leading the series 3 games to 2) but neither him nor the linesmen claim to see the infraction. My buddy got a little fired up over this conversation (as many Leaf fans do) and thus I had to dig up the video to reminisce for myself. Below, the actual CBC video plus some commentary and mocks from the good folks who upload to YouTube. Oh, not only do Leaf fans claim this killed their chance at being in the Stanley Cup final, it would have also been a Stanley Cup final against the Montreal Canadiens. Of course, there was still a Game Seven played after this where the Leafs could have won the series, but some how that’s never talked about. Watch and weep (or join me in a good chuckle)…

» Gretzky high sticks Gilmour – CBC video

» High quality video – via LeafsTV – including Gretzky’s overtime winning goal in the same game

» Don Cherry Reacts to the Non-Call High Stick

» NHL Directory of Officiating explains the “non call”

» “History Will Be Made” mock commercial – What if Kerry Fraser Wasn’t Blind?

» Yet another “History Will Be Made” mock commercial

Keep dreaming, Leaf Nation.

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