FIFA Bribery Scandal BBC Documentary: Video

The BBC’s Panorama documentary ‘FIFA’s Dirty Secrets’ reports on alleged bribes paid to senior executive (and World Cup voting) FIFA officials in exchange for World Cup host votes. Sports marketing company ISL is at the heart of the corruption and its folding has shed more light on payments allegedly made to FIFA executive members.

Oh, and bribery aside, FIFA demands of the World Cup hosts that certain regulations that normally exist in the host country be suspended during the World Cup. That list is usually kept secret, but as the BBC documentary tells the Dutch government has released that information to the public. Change visa rules? Yep. FIFA and its sponsors exempted from tax? Yep. Changes to workers rights? Yep… Hey, the Dutch/Belgian bid didn’t exactly win this round did it? I’m not saying this is why, but the Dutch did have an issue with the ‘demands’ which likely didn’t go over too well with FIFA. Some feel this BBC report hindered England’s bid. Watch below and decide for yourself.

Part One of ‘FIFA’s Dirty Secrets’


Part Two of ‘FIFA’s Dirty Secrets’

The final comment regarding England taking the leading role to demand the clean up of FIFA sounds like a great one. Easier said than done, of course.

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