Watch the CFL Eastern Final (and Western Final) Online


You’re a big CFL fan (yes, I realize that means you likely don’t live in Ontario) and haven’t shelled out for TSN. Problem, right? Wrong. You don’t even need to spend time finding some guy who has set up a stream, either. Thankfully, this year TSN is streaming both the Eastern Final and Western Final online — on

The stream is accompanied by a chat sidebar but you can ignore that and make it full screen on your monitor for better viewing! Then again, why stop there — get it hooked up to your big screen and you’re laughing. I watched the Eastern Semi-Final last weekend on my computer and it was perfect — no buffering issues at all. I recommend!

Oh, the match ups are the Argos in Montreal against the Alouettes (I think the Argos actually have a shot here – but they’ll need big things from the defence and special teams, as usual) followed by the Riders out in Calgary. Oh, and it appears the big game, the 2010 Grey Cup, will get the same online treatment from TSN as well — in case you can’t make it to your local bar to enjoy what is almost always a great game. Enjoy the great Canadian game for the next two weekends — and then you can go back to the super-exciting fair catch of the game to the south (yawn…)

2 Responses to “Watch the CFL Eastern Final (and Western Final) Online”

  1. Milton Says:

    where is the stream? The link is just a static page.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Go Esks Go

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