Football Dives: World Cup 2010 and Beyond

One thing many fans can’t stand is diving (and by football, we’re talking ‘soccer‘!). Diving has become some what of an art form – and one that tarnishes the ‘beautiful game’ for sure. Even in World Cup 2010 we’re seeing some ‘incredible’ dives. Fans like myself absolutely can’t stand it. It totally goes against the code you see in other sports such as rugby and hockey.

Below are some of ‘impressive’ football dives, as found on YouTube. We only included ones you could actually see. YouTube football dive uploads are notorious for being of such poor picture quality. These are some of the decent quality ones. One could say the dives are ‘quality’ as well. You decide.


World Cup 2010 Dives

The first group of dives below are from World Cup 2010 – so far!


» Ivory Coast’s Kader Keita dive gets Kaka a red card


» Italy’s Daniele De Rossi dive versus Paraguay


» Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo’s dive when barely touched – against Ivory Coast


» John Terry of England – An actual honourable dive (not acting!) trying to save a goal


Football Dives Pre World Cup 2010

Some other football dives found on YouTube, from various leagues.


» Olexandr Aliyev faking injury


» Rivaldo faking face injury


» Emerson ‘Piojo’ Acuña diving


» Kyle Lafferty diving after barely a shove


» Alberto Gilardino diving


» Fernando Torres diving


» Adriano diving in front of the goalkeeper


» Player Unknown diving after barely being touched


If you know of any others, feel free to comment below. Thanks!

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