Dutch Supporter Bars in Toronto for World Cup

Toronto, being hugely multi-cultural, is a fun city to be in during the FIFA World Cup. Most call it ‘football’ – Canadians call it ‘soccer‘ and the Dutch call is ‘voetbal’ – but no matter what you call it there’s a bar in Toronto that is home base for the country you are cheering for. One nation that doesn’t have a typical section of town in Toronto is the Dutch. Immigrants from the Netherlands are known for integrating into Canadian society more than many nationalities. Thus, there is no ‘Little Holland’ or ‘Little Netherlands’ in Toronto. However, there is still a place in Toronto to cheer on the Oranje. While most Toronto bars will likely be showing all Netherlands matches (they are on CBC after all), two bars in downtown Toronto stand out as bars where Dutch supporters gather, wearing orange, and cheering team Nederland.

Betty’s on King East (240 King Street East, just east of Sherbourne). Betty’s has a great selection of draft beer, a nice patio out back and half decent grub. You can’t go wrong with your favourite pint and a pizza at Betty’s.

Hemingway’s in Yorkville (142 Cumberland Street, just east of Avenue Road). Hemingway’s has many rooms to choose from, with a small patios out front and a larger one out back.

For World Cup 2010, there are two (really) early games for the Dutch in the first round. Thus, with the 7:30am start times, some from the group Dutch Treat are gathering in Liberty Village. I’m not sure if this is only for those who are part of the group or not, but you can find out more details from Dutch Treat.

Where else are Dutch supporters gathering? Please let us know by commenting below. One more thing: Hup Holland.

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  2. Astrid van der Wis Says:

    We are gathering right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa-eiYvpB-s

  3. Wilmar Says:

    Hello all,
    Dutch Treat is the largest Dutch and Dutch-Canadian organization in Toronoto. This year, we have indeed held parties for EACH game at (and around) SCHOOL BAKERY & CAFE in Liberty Village (70 Fraser Ave.).

    It is good to see that previous Dutch Treat Soccer hangouts like Hemingway’s and Betty’s are indeed still so popular among the Dutch. Indeed, we have happily mentioned our good friends at Betty’s to people (for example around the G20 threatening across-city traffic).

    We are confident all indoor venues will fill up nicely (and EARLY) this Sunday. So find a good spot to watch it with the Dutch – for example at SCHOOL, who are also working hard on expanding their already great Outdoor Party…

    See http://www.dutchtreat.ca.

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