OK OK Blue Jays Blue Jays

Another baseball season is upon us and for us in Toronto that means the Blue Jays are back in town. Well, they will be after this upcoming week.

The Jays open the season in Texas on Monday April 5th (2:05 PM on Rogers Sportsnet). After three in Texas and three in Baltimore the Jays have their home opener on Monday April 12th hosting the Chicago White Sox (7:20 PM on Rogers Sportsnet). That caps off 10 days in row with games at the Rogers Centre.

I’ll admit I don’t go see a lot of Jays games, but when I do the one thing I do look forward to is the 7th Inning Stretch. The main reason is the Jays theme song (although now ‘redone’ for whatever reason). The original was by The Bat Boys (“OK Blue Jays”).

Oh, you want to sing along. The lyrics reproduced, below.

OK BLUE JAYS – The Bat Boys

You’ve got a diamond
You’ve got nine men
You’ve got a hat and a bat
And that’s not all
You’ve got the bleachers
Got ’em from spring ’til fall
You got a dog and a drink
And the umpire’s call
Waddaya want?
Let’s play ball!

Is that a fly ball
Or is it a seagull
Coming in from the lake
Just to catch the game?
It’s the last inning
Our guys are winning
Dave’s put down a smoker
A strike
And you’ve got no doubt
(You’re out!)
Waddaya want?
Let’s play ball!

Okay (okay)
Blue Jays (Blue Jays)
Let’s (Let’s) Play (Play) Ball!

It’s a beautiful evenin’, fans
At the ballpark
When the game starts
Warm summer breezes
Sun’s goin’ down
And it’s all dark
At the ballpark
But that’s okay‚Ķ it’s a night game


Bring on the White Sox
Bring on the BoSox
Bring on the Brewers
The Rangers and the Yankees too
We’ll beat the Indians
We’ll beat the Tigers
We’ll beat the A’s so bad it’ll make
Billy blue
Waddaya want?
Let’s play ball!


There are some variations, however, including the current one they run at the Rogers Centre

… and, of course, some fan versions of ‘OK Blue Jays’ as well.

… and the little (little) kid version, as well.

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