TSSC Employee Team Not So Rec

The Toronto Sport and Social Club (TSSC) has a fairly good reputation in Toronto for providing fun and social after-work sports. In fact, sportaholik.com visitors (80+ of them) have given the TSSC a rating of 4.1 out of 5. I’ve personally been playing in the TSSC for many years and haven’t found a reason to leave, to be honest. Any dealings I’ve had with their staff have been positive and professional. Are they perfect? No, but fairly good in my books. Many up and coming competitors, such as the XTSC have only gone ‘extreme’ with their fake commenting on our site. Yes, the few positive comments there are all from the league itself. More on that another day. Back to TSSC.

Like many leagues, when playing in the TSSC (formerly TCSSC) you can choose the skill level that best suits your abilities. For many sports, there’s recreational, intermediate and sometimes competitive. Recreational is for those just new to the sport, more or less. So, a lot of the players on your team should be just starting out in the sport. I’ve been on teams that have gotten just destroyed by the opposition (and I’ve been on the giving end, too – but I can’t say I get enjoyment out of that). A lot of the times this happens when one of the teams doesn’t match the skill level description. I know TSSC has moved teams up to a higher skill level before, after they’ve done particularly well at one level (and kudos to the league for doing that) but many times (although tough for TSSC to police) there are teams in skill levels where they simply don’t belong. Thus, you get ridiculously lopsided scores. A lot of times I find that the some teams in the Intermediate category are really at a higher skill level than that and if the lower end Intermediate teams moved down to Recreational they’d be at a level that they technically don’t belong (as they are not just starting out in the sport). So, yes, it’s a social league and a way to meet people and get some exercise, so the scores are secondary. True, but getting destroyed by an opponent is hardly fun – even for a fun league.

So, what happens when the team who is ‘too good’ for a certain skill category is made up of staff of the league? Hmmm, I’m going to have to agree with Toronto Uncovered on this one. That seems a bit out of bounds to me. Not the best example to be setting.

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  1. Rol Miller Says:

    Hey, Fred, just wanted to let you and your readers know I have followed up with the member in question and will be speaking with her about the issues ASAP. I just want to make sure that everyone knows how much we value feedback (good or bad) from our members. We are not perfect, but we are always trying to get better.

    Rol Miller

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