Watch The World Juniors Online

It’s that time of year again. Along with the Christmas holidays brings the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship. That means Canadians across the country get together and watch the hockey tournament that Canada is expected to win gold, year after year. For those of us without TSN or stuck in our offices during the tournament, the question is how to watch it online. This year, once again, TSN will be streaming the games live on their Web site at The full schedule of games being streamed online includes every game for Team Canada as well as every playoff game. The schedule this year is quite good, with games shown on weekends, holidays or during prime time in the Eastern time zone. That means a more productive office place, or so one would think. The first game shown online is Canada’s first: Boxing Day at 3:30pm Eastern. The opponent is Latvia. That one could get messy. See you online!

Oh, wait, before I go, here’s one of the more memorable moments in World Junior Hockey. I remember watching this as a kid: The short story is that the Soviets had nothing to lose (but Canada did) so when a skirmish occurred on the ice Soviet players left the bench to join in. The Canadians followed, as to not be outnumbered, and mayhem began. They even turned out the lights for lack of any better way to restore order. Crazy stuff. Oh, and Don Cherry had more than a few things to say as well. See that in the second clip, below. (Aside: I love those old CBC jackets!)

Looks like you can watch the entire 1987 ‘brawl’ game online starting with this clip (1 of 26).

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