The Great Toronto Squash Ball Debate


I was out playing squash over at the St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre (video above) over the weekend with a few other sportaholik squash players. There has been a huge debate over which squash ball to use. I’ve always used the “double yellow” and one of the guys insisted on the “blue dot” because it’s fast.  Not that I am anywhere near pro level but I’ve always been told that the “double yellow” was the ones that experienced players use and the “blue dot” is for beginners. It also seems to be the only ball that is used in recreational tournaments and games I’ve been involved with at any skill level.The simple reason that the blue dot ball is fast is because it’s extra bouncy to allow beginners to rally back and forth as it sits up better and gives the player enough time to return the ball anywhere on the court.Of course for the “double yellow” ball to be effective, one must warm the ball up by hitting it hard back and forth a number of times before actually playing. I find this works well and makes the ball pretty fast as well.  What do you sportaholik squash players play with? Feel free to comment and let us know! 

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  1. Julian Says:

    Uh, double yellow. The guy you were playing must be a total beginner. Blue dot/blue balls are for beginners for the reason you said. Experienced players always play with double yellow. At the National Squash Academy, they use double yellow for training even with the junior players, because that is what everyone will be playing with in any serious competition. Might as well get used to it.

    There is a red dot ball, and you can also get single yellow dot balls if you look around. So the complete progression would be blue, red, yellow, double yellow. They get progressively less bouncy, and so require more skill to play with.


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