Team Names for your Rec Hockey Team

Two things every rec hockey team needs is 1) a jersey colour, and 2) a team name. Whether you’re playing ice hockey, floor hockey or any other type of hockey, these are essential. Many teams go the humour route when choosing their team names. Some come up with things that are, for sure, inside jokes (my ball hockey team years ago was the ‘Tuna Melts’, because my roommate at the time seemed to eat them every second day for dinner). Another ball hockey team of mine has gone under the ‘HomeWreckers’ banner since inception years ago (it’s a reference to one of the bowling teams on The Simpsons; other teams in that episode being Pin Pals, Channel 6 Wastelanders, DMV Regulation Kings, Springfield Police Framers, Holy Rollers, and The Stereotypes). Some teams we face in the TCSSC have names that I’m surprised make it past the censors (if there are any) but I must say I enjoy a creative (and clean) team name. Over at they have a user generated list of hockey team names. Some of my favourites being the following:

  • All Aboard the Cheechoo Train
  • Honey Nut Chelios
  • Crosby, Staals, and Nash
  • Vanek Depressive
  • Hejdukes, He Scores!
  • Vanek at the Disco
  • No Jokinen ‘Round

What is the name of your hockey team? Feel free to comment below.

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