Toronto Recreational Sports Players To Pay More?

There was news yesterday about fees for recreational sports venues to be hiked by the City of Toronto. The 2008 budget calls for an average 21.5% increase in the hourly rental fees for ice rinks, pools and sport fields. The National Post reports that, ‘the cost of renting private ice time at an indoor rink during prime time would rise to $325.23 from $242.89.’ The hike appears to have caught many councillors by surprise and some are vowing to have the price increases reversed. If the increased fees do go ahead Toronto recreational sports players can expect bare the brunt of the increases as sports leagues will likely pass along the fee hike to its players. Can’t afford the fees? The alternative, for some sports, is to get a group of players together to play at one of the many parks or school yards in the city for a game of pick up ball hockey, basketball, volleyball or baseball (to name a few). First step in organizing all of this is to put the word out for players and/or contact those who are looking to play. Playing sports in Toronto doesn’t have to be an expensive thing. The City of Toronto provides many parks that can be used free of charge. Yes, it may be harder to get a group of people together but that’s what is for! (by the way, it works)

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